All You Need To Know About Marketing Yourself Digital

In this course, you will discover the latest changes taking place within the top social media platforms and understand how they will affect your job search.  Uncover how to properly interact and communicate with Facebook’s 1 billion users.  Discover the newest LinkedIn and Google Plus features, and how to make them work for you and your professional profile.  All attendees will walk away with and knowledge of the latest social networking techniques to maximize potential employers interest in employment. 

Attendees will learn:

  • How to update their social media accounts and profile to maximize employment opportunities.
  • The latest trends and how to take advantage of them in their current marketing plans
  • Choosing a professional email address, profile name, and image.
  • Introduction into Google Apps, Gmail and their functions.

My Media – 101 Training [Onsite – One Day]

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Time                                       Session

11:30 – 12:15                            What is Google +??

  • Create a professional Gmail address with a signature
  • Recover a sent email
  • Create a filing system
  • Applying links in emails
  • Video Conferencing and other Google Apps

12:15 – 1:00                             LinkedIn

  • Create a professional LinkedIn Account
  • Connect with other professionals in your industry
  • Create an attractive bio

1:00 – 1:30                              Break


1:30 – 2:30                              Tap into Facebook 1 Billion Users

  • Create a professional Facebook Account
  • How to navigate to and engage
  • Posting photos & videos
  • The do’s and do not’s of Facebook

Boston Youth Rally for Jobs In Blizzard Weather Condition

On February 19th, the Massachusetts Youth Jobs Coalition hosted its 6th annual March and Rally for Youth Jobs. The youth of Massachusetts are making their voice heard at #YouthJobsRally. Every year more than 1,000 youth take to the streets demanding to be heard on this important issue. The youth of Boston, and surrounding areas stand together as one voicing their concerns for the state to invest in more youth jobs and less prisons #JobsNotJails. 

“We are putting out the call for folks to support young protesters get from point A to point B! We’ve done this a couple of times now and we get better each time, and the march also gets bigger each time”.

Boston Workers Alliance Cherise Franklin Notary Statement

On Thursday February 26, 2014, Boston Workers Alliance, associate for operation and volunteer coordinator, Cherise Franklin was sworn in as a Massachusetts notary. The CORI friendly Boston Workers Alliance non profit organization now offers free notary service to all members during walk-in hours Monday thru Wednesday from 10AM to 1PM.

Boston Workers Alliance Curtis Rollins Breaks Down The Importance of Voting

On Wednesday, March 11th 2015, Boston Workers Alliance Community Organizing Director Curtis Rollins.spoke with the 7th graders of Nobel Greenough Boarding School. Mr. Rollins took the time to explain to the students what a CORI (Criminal Offense Record Information) is, and how it affects a person looking for work. The seventh graders were eager to hear about the power dynamics and the gentrification change that is going on presently in the Roxbury area.

Curtis Rollins and Bess Beller Go Live with Chris Lovette of BNN News

Curtis Rollins of Boston Workers', and Bess Beller-Levesque of Toxics Action Center, go live with Chris Lovette of BNN News about Mayor Walsh’s Climate Action Plan. The Boston Recycling Coalition (BRC), a multi-stakeholder group working towards a fair green economy and positive climate impact through a Zero Waste system in Boston, called Mayor Walsh’s Climate Action Plan draft a potentially groundbreaking effort if implemented carefully. BRC noted in particular an unprecedented commitment to a Zero Waste Master Planning process.