Top 10 Best Laminators Reviewed In 2016

Laminators generally come in different sizes and with different features each of which is targeting the fulfilment of certain specific jobs.

These features, therefore, are crucial in determining whether a certain laminator is best for either office, home, classroom or any other commercial use.

The following review is going to give you the ten best laminators in 2016 that will help you in achieving your particular job:

10. Apache AL18P Professional Thermal Laminator

The Apache AL18P thermal laminator is made of a sturdy steel material that gives it a weight 21lbs. This steel material is throughout the laminator making it very durable. πŸ˜€

The base is a bit heavier, and this helps in ensuring that the unit does not vibrate much during lamination for impressive results. It can laminate different kinds of documents with its ability of correctly laminating 18” wide documents giving clear, bubble free results within minutes.

Its professional grade motor and heating element have significantly assisted in improving its general performance.

9. Scotch Pro Thermal Laminator

The scotch pro thermal laminator has a five-minute warming up time and the laminator will let you know when it is ready for usage by a light signal.

To prevent the unit from being damaged by misfed items, it has a jam prevention technology that has helped a lot in increasing its lifespan.

The laminator has two rollers that laminate a variety of documents at a speed of 15” per minute.

It can laminate pouches with a thickness of between 3 to 5 mil that is not more than 9” wide. Its automatic shut-off system kicks in after 1 hours of the machine being idle helping to conserve energy.

8. Fellowes Jupiter Laminator

The Fellowes laminator has a unique autosense intelligence system that gives it the capability to detect the thickness of the pouch before self – adjusting to the best laminating system fitting that thickness to provide premium laminations. πŸ˜€

The laminator will, therefore, be usable for different kinds of projects since its settings are highly adjustable. As a result, this unit can be at home, office or class.

Its 60 seconds rapid warm-up and the robust roller systems ensure that the lamination process of this device is quick and efficient. It can laminate both cold and hot pouches with a thickness of 10mil.

7. Fellowes Saturn Laminator

This particular laminator has been installed with an instaheat technology system giving it a rapid 60 seconds warm-up. Every time the machine is ready, you will be alerted by an audible beep sound a green light. Its 12.5” width allows it to be usable on different types of documents.

The laminator also has an automatic shut-off feature that is useful in making sure that there is no overheating and energy is saved as much as possible.

Its release lever assists in disengaging pouch when you want to remove or re-center it.

6. Purple Cows Hot and Cold Laminator

The purple cows laminator can accommodate both the 3 and 5mil lamination pockets without it having to adjust the heat settings! This has been achieved by integrating the heating elements with the silicone rollers. It has a warm-up time of between 3 to 5 minutes.

The laminator has some new technology systems that have assisted in making it one of the most economic laminators since it has reduced energy consumption by up to 50%.

It comes packed with three hot pockets of different sizes.

5. Swingline Thermal Laminator

This Swingline thermal laminator is ideal for small office needs or home usage. It has an easy and fast lamination process making it friendly and usable by almost anyone.

The unit comes with a cold setting which allows for safe lamination of the heat sensitive documents or materials. The laminator will warm up within four minutes after which an indicator light will go on to alert you.

It has a laminating width of 9” that is more than enough to take care of most of your photo size, legal and other similar documents.

The Swingline thermal laminator has a sensitive jam release lever which helps in removing wrapped, jammed or misfed pouches. πŸ™‚

4. Scotch Thermal Laminator TL901C

The scotch thermal laminator has a quick 3 to 4 minutes warm-up time and an indicator light for signaling when it’s ready. This particular laminator works well with documents as thick as 5 inches.

It comes with two different temperature settings. These settings help in laminating both of the popular 3 and 5mil pouches producing premium finishes! Its 9 inches width accommodates most of the common documents both professional and other basic home materials such as photos, recipes, etc. πŸ˜€

Its intelligent designing has rendered it durable and highly portable. You can literally set it up anywhere and start using it!

3. Swingline GBC Laminator

Swingline GBC Laminator is specially designed for not just fast results but also to provide high-quality laminations for its worth.

The laminator can be used on the 3mil or 5mil pouches measuring as much as 4 inches by 6 inches. This laminator warms up within 7 minutes after which it will signal you to start using it.

Swingline GBC Laminator accommodates documents as wide as 9 inches. Its 10” per minute laminating speed provides swift and professional laminations for your office or home use.

2. Amazonbasics Thermal Laminator

The Amazonbasics thermal laminator is well known for its versatility. This laminator is compatible with lots of kinds of documents such as photo – size papers, business – card – size, legal – size and letter – size papers. The laminator is equipped with two types of heat settings.

The 3mil heat setting will help in laminating regular documents like cards, and photos while the 5mil settings will laminate other thinner papers.

Its elegant compact design makes it very ideal for office or classroom use. Its warm up time is a quick 4 minutes integrated with an indicator light for alerting you when it’s ready for you. The jam releases lever is crucial in making sure that misfed documents are quickly cleared.

1. Scotch Thermal Laminator TL901SC

The scotch thermal laminator can be argued to be the best laminator deal that is available on the market right now. This laminator guarantees impressive results for either home or small office use. It laminates materials that are 9” wide maximum with a thickness of up to 5mil.

Its two roller system helps in making its lamination process faster for improved convenience.

This laminator has two temperature settings which are to be used for the 3mils and 5mil pouches.

If you were looking for the best laminators that will get your office or home tasks done, then the above units are what you should be looking for. Select any of them and make your order right now and you can be assured that the product’s performance will be worth every penny you spend. πŸ˜€