Top 10 Best Motion Sensors Reviewed In 2016

Motion sensors are important devices that help in ensuring that certain key areas of your home or business place are secured.

Getting the best sensor could, however, tend to be difficult especially among people who don’t know much about a motion sensor. 😀

This article will enlighten you by giving you a review of the best motion sensors in 2016 as explained below:

10. Insteon Wireless Motion Sensor

The Insteon wireless motion sensor is manufactured for both indoor and outdoor usage. The sensor is therefore constructed using some high-quality materials that are weatherproofed to ensure that it never breaks even during harsh weather conditions.

The sensor has a wireless range going as far as 150 feet from which you will be able to control it.

Its field of vision cover is 40 feet and hence it can guarantee you that nothing unexpected will happen within this area without your knowledge. This wireless sensor has a night – only mode where it is only active at night when you are off sleeping but automatically turns off when the night is over. 😉

This mode hence helps in preventing the sensor’s lights from turning on during the daytime. Insteon wireless motion sensor will also allow you to regulate the light and motion sensitivity that are to be detected and reported.

With this motion sensor, you can also plug in other household appliance like a thermostat to always remain in your favorite level whenever you are home.

9. 1byone Wireless Driveway Motion Sensor

1byone Wireless Driveway Motion Sensor

This particular wireless motion sensor makes use of infrared rays to detect movement and alert its owner. The sensor will, therefore, be keen to detect any human beings or vehicles passing by, with a coverage range of 300 feet, and then transmit this signal wirelessly to where the receiver is.

This receiver will then in turn sound an alarm that has different melodies to let you know that someone just passed by the sensors.

This alarm is well configured to ensure that it alerts you as soon as possible giving you time to respond appropriately.

Its security code is unique and protected to ensure that it is not easily hacked or interfered with by other surrounding wireless networks. This sensor does not require any complicated wiring, and its installation is very simple for anyone to understand.

8. Ecolink ZWave Door or Window Sensor

The Ecolink Z-Wave Motion Sensor is specially manufactured to ensure that nothing goes across your doors or windows without your knowledge. 😉

The sensor is installed with some of the latest technologies that help to sync with some tablets and smartphones to give you real-time alerts as they happen.

The sensor also has a lighting feature that will go on as soon as motion is detected across your doors or windows.

This sensor is also constructed with a simple setup procedure and a guide book that will help you in installing it at your location of choice.

7. Ecolink ZWave PIR Motion Detector

This motion detector’s sensitivity options are fully adjustable, and this is good news especially for pet lovers. With this sensor, you can hence control the sensitivity of motions that are to be reported.

You will, therefore, be able to exclude light motions caused by your pets and hence save you from false alarms! The device is compatible with lots of other home technological appliance which has helped in increasing its usefulness.

If for example it is integrated with Vera, it will be able to give you email alerts whenever its battery is running low. The sensor has 90 degrees horizontal angle view and while its range covers up to 30 feet.

6. Motion Sensor Night Light

The motion sensor night light device has a bright lighting alert and another warm white light from which you can select the one you desire.

Unlike the bright lights, the warm led lights will help you to see a bit more clearly when responding to the alarm and it also won’t interfere with other people’s sleep.

This sensor has a convenient 360-degree rotating swivel that will give you absolute control to light anywhere in the room.

This sensor does not require any wiring or electricity and hence can be used anywhere. The lights will be quick to go on within its 15 feet range before they automatically go off when the motion ends. 😀

5. Driveway Alarm Motion Sensor and Detector

The driveway alarm motion sensor comes installed with more than 30 different alarm ringtones that you can choose from.

The ringtone’s volume is also fully adjustable, so you do not have to endure one constant volume or tone as is the case with most other motion sensors.

It has simple installation procedure with an extremely long coverage range of 500 feet. This range may, however, diminish in case there are obstructions such as walls, hills, trees or vehicles. The chime together with the LED lights will alert you in time for quick response.

It has a weatherproof cover making it usable even for outdoor usage.

4. Sadotech Wireless PIR Motion Sensor

The Sadotech wireless motion sensor can be integrated with the main doorbell unit to alert you on any detected movements.

The sensor is highly versatile where it can be used for a lot of varied uses such as to alert in case of a perimeter breach, a door or window opening, a mailbox opening, and a driveway area motion among others.

Its wide operating range of 500 feet and 110 degrees angle makes it very useful for outdoor uses. The sensor’s range, on the other hand, is 40 feet. It has lots of ringtones to choose from and an adjustable volume system.

3. 2 Pack Mr. Beams MB360 Wireless Motion Sensor

Two pack Mr. Beams wireless motion sensor has some bright led spotlights that will always be triggered to come on whenever the motion sensors detect some movements within your defined area.

The coverage area of this sensor is a massive 350 square feet, and this is one of the reasons that makes it a favorite sensor to most people.

Its wireless installations are simple to understand and assemble. You will not have to call over an expert to do the installing for you.

The exterior designing of this wireless sensor is made of heavy duty materials. These materials are hence very durable and weatherproof making it ideal for outdoor uses. It is commonly used for security purposes at a playground, garage, yard and doorway among other places. 🙂

2. Mr. Beams MB980 Motion Sensor

The MR. Beams MB980 motion sensor will instantly detect any sorts of motion within 20 feet and alert you immediately through the use of led lights.

These led lights have been carefully designed to ensure that they are economical in consuming battery no matter how bright they are when alerting you.

It is installed on the ceiling and has an automatic shut-off system and therefore you won’t have to be going up there every time it goes on to turn it off. It can also be used outside thanks to its durable weatherproof casing.

1. Chamberlain CWPIR Wireless Motion Sensor

The Chamberlain CWPIR motion sensor has an extremely sensitive response which makes sure that you are always up to date with whatever is happening within its 30 feet coverage area.

This sensor will alert you in time for quick response. The sensitivity can also be adjusted to exclude little movements from e.g. pets. It has a wide 120 degrees coverage angle for improved performance.

It is a very easy to install and operate motion sensor that’s likable by most people.

The above motion sensors get rid of any doubts or worries that you may have while shopping for the best detectors. They guarantee incredible performance and therefore you should go ahead and order any one of them.