Top 10 Best Teeth Whitening Kits In 2016

Teeth whitening is an essential yet ignored wellness activity with numerous benefits. Studies, for instance, has shown that people with clean and white teeth have a higher self-confidence, and therefore are more productive at work than their counterparts.

Whiter teeth also come in handy when socializing and reflects good health.

If you have plaque build-up or discoloration of the teeth and looking for a lasting remedy for your problem, two methods stand out.

If you have deep pockets and have a personal dentist that you can visit, getting your teeth washed professionally might offer temporary reprieve.

However, if money is a challenge and fast and lasting teeth whitening results are of concern, a tooth whitening kit might be the best solution.

Most contemporary brands are affordable, offer fast and lasting results without aggravating the enamel and or gums, and are relatively easy to use in the comfort of homes. πŸ˜‰

The top 10 best brands in 2016 are:

10. Arm & Hammer Whitening Booster

Do you drink a lot of coffee and or fluoride rich water often? Do you have yellow and or discolored teeth that continue to dampen your self-confidence at work and or school?

If you are shopping for a good remedy and a whitening kits rank high on your list of wants, this whitening booster by Arm and Hammer might be the best product for you.

Blended using natural and teeth-safe ingredients, this product works fast to whiten teeth up to three times better than most contemporary whitening strips in the market.

It is affordable, attainable as a pack of two 2-ounce boosters that last long, and has a safe and effective blend that does not corrode the enamel nor harm the gums even when used on an everyday basis. πŸ™‚

This is impressive, especially to those with heavy discoloration and or plaque build-up.

Buy an original package and use it as directed to get your teeth up to four shades whiter in just six weeks.

9. Crest 3D White Vivid Teeth Whitening Strips

Crest 3D is a package of 10 vivid teeth whitening strips that create visibly lighter teeth in just 10 days.

It is affordable, effective, and currently recommended in most top 10 best teeth whitening kits in 2016 for its ease of use.

All you have to do is apply it once a day for 30 minutes to eliminate plaque, tooth discoloration, and other blemishes without eroding enamel or irritating gums.

Its superior cleaning power is also impressive, while its safe blend using the best quality ingredients makes in an ideal accessory for everyday usage. πŸ™‚

Apart from deep cleaning, you can also use this product to do minor touch-ups and or maintain your white smile without spending a hefty amount in a dentist’s office on a regular basis.

You also get a whiteness meter and a manufacturer’s satisfaction guarantee.

8. Crest 3D White 1-Hour Express Teeth Whitening Kit

Attainable as a package of eight strips that support four treatments, Crest 3D White 1-Hour Express is an innovative wellness accessory that benefits both women and men. It is affordable, USA-made, and comes with many functional accessories that make whitening fun.

The strips on offer, for instance, are comfortable, very easy to use, and have an Advanced Seal Technology that secures them on teeth.

When you are whitening therefore, you can talk freely and even drink your favorite beverages without compromising quality.

The cleaning formula that it uses, on the other hand, is professional-grade. It removes stains and yellowing to whiten teeth faster than most comparable ones and has an enamel-safe blend that cleans thoroughly without eroding the enamel and or gums over time. πŸ˜€

Rather than paying for the intrusive and irritating cleaning techniques dentists use, opt for the hassle-free and comfortable cleaning experience that this Crest 3D White 1-Hour Express whitening kit offers.

7. Finishing Touch Smile Whitening Pen

A popular product among dentists and tooth whitening enthusiasts worldwide, this whitening pen by Finish Touch Smile is an advanced 0.11-ounce accessory with a light and portable design that benefits regular travelers.

It is affordable, very easy to use, and has a well-blended formula that restores tooth whiteness in just two days.

Unlike the whitening strips that individuals have relied on for years, you no longer have to fit plastic accessories in your mouth or worry about contamination of unused strips over time.

This pen applies formula directly on teeth to eliminate the messes individuals grapple with when whitening.

The fresh minty flavor offered keeps the mouth fresh, while its ability to whiten teeth dramatically without costing users a fortune has made it a preferred remedy by both individuals and professionals. πŸ˜€

Finishing Touch Smile pen is clinically tested and approved safe for everyday use.

6. Plus + White Ultra 5 Minute Whitening System

Blended to offer fast and lasting results in short five-minute sessions, Plus + White Ultra is a high-performance whitening system that fights plaque and coffee build-up well before they stain your enamel permanently.

Even though cheap, it is effective and has a uniquely blended formula that cleans well without irritating users and or compromising health.

For working individuals and those that do not have a lot of time to prepare in the morning, Plus + White Ultra is a suitable system to use.

Instead of waiting for 30 or more minutes, as is always the case with some modern and traditional remedies, all you have to do is apply the correct amount and wait for a paltry 10 minutes to witness immediate and lasting results.

The customizable teeth tray that it comes with and its ability to clean without eroding the enamel are novel. πŸ˜€

5. Rembrandt 2-Hour Whitening Kit

Recommended in top 10 best teeth whitening kits in 2016, Rembrandt 2-Hour is a dentist-approved whitening kit that delivers noticeable results in just 2 hours.

It is affordable, comes with exclusive comfytray applicators that guarantee a comfortable and customizable teeth-whitening experience, and has a simple yet effective system that will not only clean your teeth, but also help you to feel confident about your smile whenever you are going for a social event, a meeting, or an interview. πŸ˜€

The special peroxide-based formula that it uses removes deep stains on and under teeth. Its ease of use and suitability for both men and women makes in an ideal home kit.

4. Watts Power 35% Dual Action Teeth Whitening Gel

Designed to eliminate deep stains, plaque, and several other teeth blemishes without irritating gums or eroding the enamel, Watts Power is an advanced dual-action tooth whitening kit, attainable as a package of four 10ml cleaning get and an aftercare gel for use after cleaning.

It is affordable, optimized to remove both surface and deep stains, and has a safe 35% formula that works as well as the concentrates and often expensive 44% ones.

When in use, this trusted product cleans teeth to between five and 10 shades lighter.

Their syringe based packaging eases dispensation, while their ability to restore teeth to their natural state in just 20 days is impressive for its price.

Watts Power 35% Dual Action Teeth Whitening Gel is formulate and manufactured in the USA. It is affordable and comes backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. πŸ˜€

3. Crest 3D White Whitestrips

By choosing this 3D whitening kit buy 3D, you get a well-made count of four teeth whitening strips, each offering up to 25 time better tooth whitening results than most leading teeth whitening toothpastes.

It is durable, very easy to use, and has premium components that deliver fast and lasting results without irritating users.

The plastic trays that it comes with, for instance, is durable and have an advanced seal system that keeps then snug on teeth when drinking or talking.

Its well-formulated and safe formula offers permanent results in just 30 days, while its enamel and gun-safe blend makes it an ideal everyday accessory for both men and women. πŸ™‚

With an original kit therefore, you will have white and healthy looking teeth without spending a fortune.

2. Opalescence PF Mint 35% Teeth Whitening

Affordable, easy to use, and manufactured using effective and human-safe materials, Opalescence PF Mint 35% is a concentrated pack of four tooth-whitening syringes, each with a mint-flavored whitener that works fast and effectively.

Each syringe is durable, measures approximately 1.2 millimeters, and has a safe and contaminant-free design perfect for home use.

They also ease dispensation of gel and have a long shelf life of approximately two years. This is unlike other whitening gels and strips that are often messy, prone to contamination, and require a bit of skill to use. PF Mint works well for both men and women. πŸ˜€

It is non-irritant, comes with an easy to read color chart, and does not damage enamel of teeth nor irritate gums over time.

1. Crest 3D White Luxe Whitestrips Professional Effects

Top on our list, this Professional Effects model of the liked Crest 3D White Luxe line of whitestrips is a novel whitening kit with 20 professional-grade treatments.

It is USA-made, has a potent formula that removes up to 14 years of teeth stains, and an easy to use design that delivers professional-level results without costing users a fortune.

You also get comfortable and custom molded grip trays with an advanced seal technology that prevents them from slipping; a gum and enamel-safe formula that removes both surface and deep stains; and a fast-acting technology that offers individual fast and lasting results independent of gender and stain type. πŸ˜€