The 10 Essential Items To Take With You On A Long Trip

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Heading off on a long trip (or even a world tour) can be very exciting. But, it is crucial to take some time to ensure that you have packed all of the essential items that you will need for your journey. Nothing is worse than realizing that you have forgotten something that would have made your life so much easier whilst you are traveling away from home!

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Below, to help you out, you will find a handy checklist of 10 necessary items to pack in that suitcase.

1. The correct plug adaptor

Nothing is more annoying than being unable to plug in your laptop, your camera, and all of your mobile devices when you arrive in a foreign country. So get a couple of adaptors so that you can charge them all up wherever you are. It is possible to purchase ‘universal adaptors’ which can be used on a variety of continents, too.

2. A phrase book or language guide.

Even learning a few words of the local language can help your trip go a lot more smoothly. Or, why not integrate more fully with the locals by taking a language course before you travel?

3. Snacks

Trail mix, granola bars and similar snacks are a life saver when you are on long flights or train journeys. You never know when a delay might hit and you will need some sustenance to keep you going.

4. Local currency

Get enough of the local currency to see you through your trip. Don’t keep it all in one location in case your wallet gets lost or stolen.

5. Travel pillows

An inflatable travel pillow can be stored very easily and compactly in your bag, and yet it can turn a long flight into an opportunity to get a (relatively) comfortable night’s sleep.

6. A SIM card that works in the country you are visiting

SIM cards are cheap and will make life a whole lot easier for you when you are abroad. Using services like WhatsApp will enable you to stay in touch with friends and family all over the world anyway, but if you need to send a text or make a phone call to someone who lives in a foreign country that you are visiting, it really helps to have a local SIM.

7. Enough toiletries

You can buy toiletries whilst you are there, of course, but it always helps to save money if you bring your own. This is especially useful if these items are going to be more expensive to buy abroad than they are at home. You will probably use them up during your trip, leaving plenty of spare room for souvenirs.

8. A list of places to eat, places to stay and so on

Of course, you may well have sorted out all your accommodation before you leave, but it always helps to have a contingency plan. And, it is a great idea to know about good restaurants in any given part of town when you are visiting a foreign land. If you find yourself in a different part of town to where you expected, your research will pay off and you will be able to find somewhere amazing to get a meal or have a drink.

9. A bike lock or padlock

When traveling abroad, one very handy thing to take is a bike lock. If your hotel room does not have a safe, you can use this lock to secure your suitcase or rucksack to something solid like the radiator piping. You can use it in restaurants, too, if you feel that your stuff needs a little extra security. A padlock is handy for shutting your suitcase when you go through airports, and if you purchase a TSA approved lock, it will help you to avoid the annoyance of having your lock broken open by security officials when they x-ray your suitcase for loading onto the plane.

10. Something to remind you of home

Whether it is your favorite perfume or a locket with a picture of your dog in, a little souvenir of home will help you to feel connected and stop us from getting homesick. And, if you have packed the right adaptors as advised in point 1 above, you will be able to email and videochat with your loved ones back home whenever you want to.