20 Awesome Tips to Choose Your Best Suitcase

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Traveling is one thing that most people love very much. When traveling, finding the ultimate travel suitcase that will keep your stuff safe is very crucial. The suitcases are very reliable and convenient for traveling and this is why most people recommend them. When choosing the ultimate travel suitcase, there are a number of factors to consider in order to get something classic and elegant.

The factors can be categorized under the features, weight/size, safety, price, and durability of the suitcase. Below are the top factors that will aid you in purchasing the perfect travel suitcase for you. 

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Telescoping Handles

This is one of the main factors that is very important when purchasing a travel suitcase. With a rolling suitcase, you will find it very elementary easier to manage the weight of the suitcase. This is because you will pull the suitcase of carrying, which makes it very convenient. For a greater support, you need to ensure that the handles of the suitcase are retractable and very sturdy. Based on your taste and preference, you can either go for the double handle or a single handle, though the single handle is preferable as it will minimize the weight of the luggage.


The travel suitcase can either have two or four wheels. For the four wheels, they are kind of easier to pull on the sideways. This is because they can stand upright and this means that you will not easily hit in the plane. For the two wheeled suitcases, they are known to be relatively lighter, despite having the risk of tipping over. This is when you fail to balance the suitcase with a lot of ease. From the above two options, you can easily find the ultimate suitcase for your travel.


It is very important to find a high-quality travel suitcase that has enough compartments. A suitcase with more compartments allows for a better arrangement of all your stuff. You will find the exact place for liquid bottles, keeping your shoes, placing the crucial documents and much more. The more compartments the bag has, the easier it will be to organize.


What is your favorite color? Do you love the bright colors or the animal prints? Depending on your most preferable color, it is highly advisable to find a fashionable suitcase that doesn’t easily get dirty. Besides considering your favorite color, you can also decide to go for something unique that you can’t easily confuse with someone’s suitcase.

A piggyback clip

This is another important feature that you need to consider when purchasing your travel suitcase. A suitcase with a piggyback clip will enable you to clip your small handbag on top of the suitcase for easier portability. This, therefore, implies that you don’t need to carry an additional bag on your shoulder. There are suitcases with no piggyback clip, but despite this, you can still purchase it separately.

Room for expansion

Before purchasing any travel suitcase, it is very important to find one that allows for expansion. When going out for a trip, the suitcase may certainly fit all your stuff, but this may be on the contrary when traveling back home. This, therefore, means that you will need more space to fit all your stuff. With an expanding suitcase, you will find it very elementary to carry any additional stuff you might have bought. The only challenge you may face with such suitcases is that you could be charged to check it. This is when the suitcase fails to fit in the overhead bin. Despite this, challenge, the expandable bags are considered to be very reliable and convenient for your travel.

Waterproof materials

The safety of your stuff is very crucial as you travel. Finding a high-quality travel suitcase with a waterproof material is very perfect. You should, therefore, be smart in your selection and find a suitcase made from a water-resistant material or one that has been treated with a moisture resistant sealant. With this, you are assured of the safety of your items in the bag despite heavy rains. Besides this, the bag will remain safe when laid on a wet, dirty, and/or sticky surface.

Tie-down straps

The down straps are very important in keeping your items secure and in place. The strap will aid you in compressing the belongings, to ensure their safety during the travel, hence a key factor to consider when purchasing a travel suitcase.

Side handles

Apart from the top handles, you should also consider a suitcase with side handles. The sides handles are perfect for allowing the maneuverability of the suitcase. The side handle will enable you to easily lift the suitcase in places you don’t need to pull it. For example, when placing it on the plane or any other higher point. You also need to consider the strength of the side handle as it will determine the durability of the suitcase.

These are some of the key features that you need to consider in case you need an elegant and excellent travel suitcase. The features will greatly enhance its services and reliability.


Besides the features, you should there are other things you will find very crucial whenever you need a safety travel suitcase. For a safety suitcase, one needs to consider the following factors;

The locks

It is necessary to find the best travel suitcase with the best locks to enhance the security system of your items. The suitcases on the market have got different types of locks, hence you need to find a trusty lock that will guarantee top-notch security system.

Shrink wrapping

This is another key factor that you need to consider in case you need a safety travel suitcase. With the advancement of technology, almost all airports now have the shrink wrap station. This is meant for hindering people from stealing from your suitcase or even carrying of illegal items. Besides this, the shrink wrapping is also the ultimate way for waterproofing your luggage. It is, therefore, important that you find the best travel suitcase with the shrink wrap to make your travel very convenient and reliable.

Cable Ties

Besides the locks, you can try out the cable ties. These are relatively cheaper locks that are easier to install on the suitcase. They also come in different colors, and this means that you can easily identify your suitcase among others. The only challenge with the cable ties is that they can easily be unlocked compared to the locks. You can, therefore, chose between the locks and the cable ties.

With the above factors, you will be assured of the safety of your items as you travel. You can also consider different safety tips like keeping all your valuable items and documents in your handbag.


The durability of your travel suitcase is a very important factor. This is the reason why you need to look for the best travel suitcase that will serve you better and for the longest time possible. To ensure that you have a durable and quality travel suitcase, there are several factors that you need to consider when buying the suitcase. Some of these factors include;


The wheels are very important in moving your bag. Despite having suitcases with four wheel and two wheels, it is the quality of the wheels that matters. You need to find wheels made from a quality and durable material. You should try to avoid the plastic wheels as they are prone to breakage whenever the suitcase is dropped. The four-wheeled suitcases are highly recommended to the two wheeled suitcases as they glide with a lot of ease.

Quality of material

The material used in making your bag is another crucial factor that will determine the durability of your travel suitcase. A high quality and durable suitcase can be made from either a soft or hard shell. Suitcases made from the hard shells are much protective, hence you are assured of the safety of your belongings. On the other hand, the soft shell suitcases are most suitable for use as a carryon. This is because the suitcases are lighter in weight and also much easier to squeeze into the overhead lockers. The soft shell travel suitcases are also recommended for the long-term travel. Despite the differences, you need to find the ultimate travel suitcase based on your own preference and taste.


Most travel suitcases have either a single or double handle. This, therefore, implies that you can either have the double handle or the single handle. Whenever the handle breaks, it may be very tricky to handle the luggage. This means that it is advisable to have the double handled suitcase that you can still find easier to carry despite the breakage. Besides the single and double, suitcases have the top and side handles. You need to find a smart and quality suitcase with both the top and side handles to allow for easier maneuverability. With the side handles, you can easily lift the suitcase whenever it is necessary, while the top handle to be used for pulling the handle.


The zippers are known for making the suitcase prone to damage by water. This is the reason why you should always consider the suitcases with hard cases that have got a latch system. This will hinder the suitcase from being damaged by water. When you prefer the suitcases with the zipper, you need to go for one with a select pull crafted. This can be made from a durable plastic or a very tough metal to ensure that the suitcase serves you longer enough.

These are the key things that when you consider prior to buying the suitcase, you will definitely find a very durable travel suitcase. Be smart in your selection for the longest term service.


The size and weight of the suitcase you are about to buy are another important factors. This is because the size of the suitcase will determine how much stuff you can carry, while the weight of the suitcase will determine for how long can you move with the suitcase. Below are some tips on how to determine the size of the bag to carry with you.

28 -32 Inches (Extra Large Checked)

These are the largest suitcases that may not suit your travel. This is because the large size will make them very uncomfortable for you. Apart from this, the weight may be very tiring and likely to exceed the weight restrictions.

25 – 27 Inches ( Large Checked)

This is the most recommendable size of luggage check. The suitcase is spacious enough to accommodate the items of two people. It also has a number of compartments that will make it elementary to keep all your belongings. This makes it very suitable for anyone traveling with the family. It is also easier to maneuver the suitcase, hence the ultimate choice for your travel.

23 -24 Inches (Medium Checked)

Are you traveling alone and needs the ultimate suitcase for all your belongings? This is a perfect choice for anyone who isn’t quite ready to travel carryon, but just needs some spacious room for all his/her items.

21 – 22 Inches (Domestic Carry On)

This is the best carryon size suitcase that you can carry with you to any given place. Despite the small size, it is kind of spacious and with the many compartments, you will find it very elementary to keep all your items safely.

18 – 20 Inches (International Carry On)

This is a good suitcase size for anyone who wants to travel internationally. It is because the size is what most airlines consider.

From the above options, you will be able to find the ultimate travel suitcase to carry all your items safely.


This is another crucial factor that will determine the quality of the travel suitcase to purchase. The prices of the travel suitcases differ based on the quality and probably the size of the suitcase. You should always remember that the higher the price, the greater the quality. Cheap is expensive, hence find the best for your budget.

These are some of the main factors and features that will aid you in finding the best travel suitcase. Travel smart with the ultimate suitcase that will guarantee the safety of your items and also assure you of a great comfort. Consider the above factors and you will be assured of a quality and durable travel suitcase.