Top 6 Best Selling Luggage Brands You Can’t Ignore

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 Best Selling Luggage Brands 


If you are shopping for a luggage, there are many different brands that mostly work in the same way. However, each brand has something unique in them. This is why, sometimes, making a decision is a bit difficult. Searching for the best brand before narrowing it down to the bag you like might make things a bit easy. Apart from the price, there are several other features you need to consider. As matter of fact, there is now an array of quality bags that you can choose from. Here are the top 6 luggage brands you can’t ignore.

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1. Delsey Luggage

This is among the best luggage brands that come with the best features. Most importantly, they have an overweight indicator component found in most of their products. This feature is very important because it ensures that the bag weighs less than 50 pounds limit imposed by many travel agencies and airlines to help you avoid paying overweight penalties. It also has both expandable soft side and hard side together with a selection of spinner trolley model. While they can be a bit expensive, they are generally accepted by customers at any price. If you do not want to push around a heavy bag, they have lightweight options that you can choose. Their hard side cases have poly carbonate exteriors that make them very strong. Above all, they come in different styles and colors hence you can always choose the best.

2. Samsonite Luggage

Most travelers agree that Samsonite is still the best brand when it comes to luggage brands. In fact, they are one of the most highly recommended suitcases. They are actually the best in overall value for both casual and business travelers. Samsonite brand has the most diverse products. They not only have expandable soft sides but also hard side spinner models that are up to 29 inches. Apart from the normal carry on choices, they come with a complete selection of large capacity duffle bags and under seat large wheeled models. The good thing about them is that they tend to be very much durable. While most of them are priced well, if you get the whole set from a particular brand you could end up paying more They emphasize on clean lines and long lasting functional cases. Starting from as low as $70, you can get a Samsonite 2 pieces set.

3. Rockland Luggage

If you are looking for brands that offer great value for the price, then this is the best to choose. Just like many other brands, the Rockland brand comes with both expandable soft side and hard side spinners in almost all sizes. They also have some very interesting designs in hard side carry models and 3 piece hard side sets in 18 different colors. For as little as $122 you can get a set. If you are struggling to locate your luggage while traveling, you can always check their designer finish sets. While some sets cost over $100 they are not very much expensive as compared to other brands. Overall, they not only have products with bright colors but they also have some of the best patterns when it comes to luggage. While their options are not so much suited for business, their products are priced well

4. Athalon Luggage

As compared to other companies, Athalon brand is unique since they focus on roller based bags only However, there are some duffel sized bags that measures the same as the normal luggage but with a storage place for a duffel. Their front feet allow them to stand while waiting at the terminal. Since they are machine washable they can be used for heavy duty. Athalon basically specializes in bags and duffels of all prints and kinds. While they are business travel bags, they are durable. Due to their exciting and vibrant designs, most people prefer them to give to young people or for quick trips. Moreover, if you like to keep things in different places, you can choose the model with 15 pockets complete with retractable pull handle and inline wheels. Basically, it’s one of the best brands.

5. WallyBags Luggage

WallyBags luggage has a complete line of garment bags. Actually, this is all that they do when it comes to luggage. If you check them out, you will get some of the best selections. If you are a light business traveler, this is the best bag for you You can carry it along with a small bag instead of using standard carry on for carrying work clothes. The good thing is that they have a patent on this technology hence they stick to one kind. As a matter of fact, you can even use them for your entire suitcase since they have enough room. However, because of their proprietary hanger mechanism, you can’t hang them in your close once your reach your destination. More so, if you want to support your favorite sports, you can also get some with logos of your best team.

6. US Traveler Luggage

If you are looking for a value priced luggage brand, then this is the best choice. From as little as $85, you can get a complete set. While this is an affordable soft side set, it still comes with, collapsing handles and rollaboard wheels. Its expandable design can also allow you up to 25% additional storage with expanded compartment. While you cannot keep them for the rest of your life, they are less costly hence replacing them will not affect you much. They are not only sold in matching sets, but they also have pretty patterns and colors.

Well, these are the top 6 luggage brands to choose. Before you start packing your things and head for your journey, it’s very important to make the right decision. We have made a detailed review article on the best luggages that are available in the market now for you to purchase. The brand you choose must have a good design and must be of a very good quality. Whether you are traveling around the country or flying out, luggage is perhaps the first things that should be picked well If you are planning to go for a business or a personal trip in the near future, be sure to check some of these brands.