What to Know When Shopping for Light Weight Luggage

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Travel has become a large part of most people’s lives; it is more common and more convenient than ever before. Companies are always trying to improve the travel industry and give the consumer the most amount of ease and comfort they can offer. The luggage industry is at the top of innovation and design in travel concepts. Manufacturers are always releasing the next best thing; claiming to be the lightest and easy to maneuver is a common stamp on most all newly released luggage.

What do you really need to be looking for in light weight luggage when they all claim to be light weight?


Will Lightweight Luggage Meet your Needs? 

In theory, why wouldn’t you want light weight luggage? Whether you should buy light weight luggage is dependent on what you plan to carry in your luggage? Light weight luggage is manufactured with lighter materials, often resulting in a less sturdy product. If you plan on squeezing as many clothes, electronics, souvenirs, and everything but the kitchen sink into your luggage, lightweight may not be suitable to sustain the weight of items you will be putting into it. You will also want to consider if the luggage Is sturdy enough to hold up to being checked at the airport. Remember that the behind the scenes of luggage transportation may not be as gentle on your new luggage as you are.

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When is lightweight Luggage Suitable vs. Not Suitable? 

The frequency of which you will be using your luggage is a key factor. Lightweight luggage works well for business trips or quick visits where you are packing only your necessities and keeping the weight low. Light weight luggage is also the optimal choice for carry-on luggage. It will be easy to carry through the airport, easy to store on the plane, and you won’t have to worry about it being man handled by the luggage department. In order to keep the weight down on luggage, many of the light weight versions are manufactured with lighter, thinner materials for weight reduction. This means that what may hold up better as a metal piece would be made with plastic for lightness. In the long run, this could weaken the stability of your luggage. This isn’t to say that all lightweight luggage is less as far as quality and shouldn’t be used for common travel; check the materials, weight, and weight limit on luggage to see if it can withstand your needs.

Shopping for lightweight luggage

When shopping for light weight luggage some key things to look for are the materials, overall weight, and size. You should pay less attention to the “light Weight” label and more attention to the other areas. Nearly all luggage on the market is marked as lightweight; some are even listed as ultra-light, which may be a strong sign of weak materials that will wear down quickly. You should look for a durable construction, water resistance, sturdy wheels and handles, replaceable wheels, heavy duty zippers, front compartments, and TSA-approved locks. Some of the best and most dependable luggage brands are:

· Samsonite

This top pick luggage company makes quality product at an affordable price. They offer both hard shell and soft shell luggage options, most of which are considered to be lightweight. They also offer every type of luggage imaginable, from carry on sized to x-large options. Samsonite is known for making quality luggage this is built to withstand the test of time and travel.


· Tumi

This Is a higher end luggage that has made a name for itself in durability and longevity. Tumi is in the higher price range and frankly, is more than most people want to spend on luggage. But, if you want high quality luggage that has the durability to back up the price tag, Tumi is the luggage for you. The bags are well crafted and can last decades depending on the amount of wear put on them.


· Briggs and Riley

This is another great brand that brings you a quality product. Briggs and Riley is so confident in the quality of their product, they offer a lifetime guarantee. They will repair any damage to their bags free of charge, even if the damage was a result of the airline mishandling the luggage. They are also the only luggage company to offer a lifetime guarantee.