How To Maintain Healthy Lung Tissue and Strengthen Breathing Activity

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Healthy functioning of your lungs is absolutely essential for achieving and maintaining good overall health and well-being.

Although it is possible to survive for weeks without food and a number of days without water, if necessary, no one can last long without breathing air.

Both medical and natural health practitioners today agree that only by keeping your body clean internally as well as externally can you help sustain healthy activity of all the organs and elements that make up the human body.

Constantly working in sync as a pair, your lungs are among the most vital and active components in your body.

Especially in the complex living and working environments residents around the globe must deal with today, your lungs must continuously combat harmful pollutants and irritants in the air around you.

However, there are important and often simple measures you can take each day to aid your lungs to prevail with their cleansing action, operating constantly and reliably at optimum performance levels to keep you in radiant good health.

Valuable Tips for Keeping Your Lungs Strong and Healthy

Major valuable tips concerning how to keep your lungs strong and healthy include the following suggestions and practices:

1. Do Not Smoke

Cigarette smoke can cause constant swelling, irritation and inflammation of the lungs, which often results in chronic bronchitis.

Regular smoke inhalation can also lead to obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a serious lung condition that includes both long-term bronchitis and emphysema.

Smokers are also at high risk for developing lung cancer. Cigarette smoking can also cause air passages to narrow, which interferes with healthy breathing, and chronic smokers may suffer partial destruction of lung tissue.

If you are a smoker, the best option is to stop smoking completely. If you are currently making a serious attempt to quit smoking, but finding it difficult to accomplish, there are now products on the market to help you.

Nic Out Cigarette Filters Holders

Nic Out Cigarette Filters Holders from Product Source provide an excellent, safe method for helping chronic smokers to successfully quit this unhealthy habit.

These filters lessen the smoker’s blood levels of nicotine gradually, with steady use. Without altering the enjoyment the smoker derives from a cigarette, each Nic Out filter mechanically purifies smoke.

Subsequently, use of this smoke-cleansing method on a regular basis greatly reduces the difficulty moderate to heavy smokers often have in leaving their smoking habits behind for a healthier lifestyle.

With use of these therapeutic filters, they are able to overcome their nicotine addiction completely. Each filter is effective for purifying smoke from five cigarettes.

2. Limit Exposure to Irritants and Pollutants

Various other air pollutants and lung irritants are continuously circulating through the atmosphere around you, and many of these are harmful to your lungs, airways and to your body’s entire internal system.

Even such familiar household products as air fresheners, cleaning agents and laundry detergents often release toxic chemical fumes into the environment.

For this reason, as an important step concerning how to keep your lungs strong and healthy, you should buy products for home use that contain natural or non-toxic formulas and individual ingredients.

You should also avoid walking or driving through industrial districts with high air pollution counts.

If possible, ride a bike to work or school and encourage your family members, friends and fellow workers and students to do the same.

If you are building a new home or renovating the house you now live in, be sure to use no VOC content paints. Also, choose linoleum flooring over vinyl and install cabinets and shelving that are free of formaldehyde and other health-endangering substances.

mDesign PEVA 3G Shower Curtain Liner

This eco-friendly shower curtain resists both mildew and mold and is free of PVC, for your protection.

This bath product also has no unpleasant, lingering chemical or plastic smell. It is made of PEVA, a material that is totally safe for the environment and non-toxic to humans and animals.

It contains no chlorine and is the ideal choice for use in the home, college dorms, hotels and guest inns or in school and athletic club showers.

Many people assume that mold and mildew are not health hazards if you avoid direct contact with them.

However, both these fungal growths emit airborne spores that present health hazards and can seriously interfere with breathing. Some people develop chronic eye irritations, coughs, cold-like symptoms or even asthma when exposed to areas that are constant breeding grounds and surfaces for mold and/or mildew.

If your home’s kitchen, bath or basement tends to develop these unhealthy conditions, clean often with anti-mold and mildew products and purchase items like the mDesign PEVA 3G Shower Curtain Liner.

3. Exercise Regularly and Stay Hydrated

Even mild aerobic exercise requires some degree of deep breathing and strengthens lung activity.

Participating in exercise classes or sports activities like swimming, running, cycling, tennis or volleyball will also greatly benefit your lungs as it increases breathing rates and capacities.

As you breathe more deeply and efficiently, your lungs are cleansed and both blood circulation and metabolism rates increase for the betterment of your overall health.

It is also essential that you keep your body hydrated both while exercising and afterward to maintain healthy water levels in the body as a good habit concerning how to keep your lungs strong and healthy.

In addition, when your intake of fluids each day is frequent, this additional moisture in your body assists in maintaining thin, flexible mucosal lung linings for improved lung functionality.

Nature’s Guru Natural Instant Tender Coconut Water Powder

This all-natural hydrating product is excellent for replenishing your body’s electrolytes that are lost when you engage in strenuous or prolonged periods of exercise or athletic activity.

You may also experience electrolyte depletion if you are suffering from fatigue, a high fever or heat exhaustion.

Sold in powdered form, this product is ready for use when mixed with filtered water and is easy to carry when you travel. Each packet equals eight to ten fluid ounces of pure coconut water drink when mixed, and this healthy, revitalizing beverage is low in calorie content and fat free.

Its ingredients include five valuable electrolytes—potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, calcium and sodium. This product is produced by the Nature’s Guru company in India.

It has a pH balance equal to 5, and it contains no caffeine, no preservatives and no artificial flavoring or coloring.

4. Enrich Your Diet with Lung Purifying Foods and Cleansing Herbs

Foods that can increase healthy functioning of your lungs include pistachios, cayenne pepper and plantain leaf.

Containing gamma-tocopherol, a variety of Vitamin E that strengthens lung tissues and may reduce the likelihood of developing lung cancer, pistachios promote lung health.

Cayenne peppers have been proven to help heal irritations due to sore throats and persistent coughs.

Ingesting herbs that cleanse the lungs is also an excellent way to purify and empower your lungs.

Such herbal plants as oregano, eucalyptus, peppermint, osha root and chaparral have been favorite natural remedies for respiratory ailments for several hundred years.

These herbs are very supportive of lung health and activity, helping to eliminate harmful substances from the body.


As an all-natural product promoting good respiratory health, AllerTrex® has a power-packed formula of essential oils and herbs.

These natural and organic ingredients support high-functioning lung and respiratory activity.

One powerful ingredient, nascent iodine, possesses a high-level electromagnetic charge, making it easy for the body to absorb and use for good detoxification and metabolic action.

Both organic peppermint and eucalyptus leaves are known to promote healthy breathing and respiratory activity.

Plantain leaves help maintain strong lung tissues and chaparral leaves contain antioxidants that assist in boosting and protecting lung cell health.

In addition, the lobelia flower content in this product flushes toxins from the lungs and respiratory tract.

5. Practice Deep Breathing for Lung Purification

Deep breathing exercises, when performed regularly, can rid your lungs of harmful toxins while fortifying their normal functioning.

Similar to the way in which doing bicep curls repeatedly will result in stronger, more flexible arms, performing deep, cleansing breathing exercises will empower your lungs as it opens and purifies the airways.

Good breathing action also causes greater oxygen circulation throughout your body, enhancing the health of all your organs, bones and tissues.

When you practice full, purifying breathing on a regular schedule, your lung health and your overall energy levels will increase significantly.

Breathing: The Master Key to Self Healing by Dr. Andrew Weil

In this original CD recording by Dr. Andrew Weil, published by Sounds True Publishing, Dr. Weil emphasizes how crucial complete breathing is to boosting your body’s capacity to heal and support itself in maintaining good functionality. Quoting Dr. Weil, “If I had to limit my advice on healthier living to just one tip, it would be simply to learn how to breathe correctly.”

Dr. Weil’s approach to practicing breath-work for excellent health includes elements of yoga, which teaches that breathing is an essential connection to prana, or universal energy.

He reveals how, by practicing eight breathing exercises daily, your breathing can actually begin to reprogram your nervous system and thoroughly empower your lungs’ health and ongoing activity for ultimate levels of radiant good bodily health.

Although there are many things you can do to keep your lungs in good health, the single most valuable action you can take is simply to practice deep, complete breathwork every day of your current and future life.