Top 10 Best Portable Blu-Ray and DVD Players In 2017

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Portable DVD Players allow you to enjoy your favorite videos, movies, music and photos while traveling. They are ideal for the whole family as they come with simple, functional features. They enable you to view your collection on large screens that don’t have DVD/Bu-Ray Players since they come with HDMI ports to support the same. Getting the best Portable Blu-Ray/DVD Player will make the journey even more memorable.

Factors to Consider When Planning to Buy a Portable Blu-Ray and DVD Player

  • Battery Life: How many hours can you watch without draining the Battery? The Players that deliver the longest time are better than those with a smaller battery life.
  • Audio and Video Performance: You will want to purchase the Blu-Ray and DVD player whose audio is loud and steady and the video resolution is at its best. We don’t want to compromise on the video quality because we are traveling.
  • Durability: Those Portable Blu-Ray and DVD plays that come with a warranty are quite durable since the manufacturers want to maintain their players in the market.
  • Functionality: Since the whole family uses portable Blu-Ray and DVD, it’s important to purchase that which comes with easy to use keys, those that come with a remote control are ideal for kids to find their way around the player easily.
  • Portability: How compact is the portable Blu-Ray and DVD for carrying around?
  • Compatibility: Is the Portable Blu-Ray and DVD player compatible with HD and 3D films? It’s important that the Player supports most formats so that you are not limited to what you can carry to watch on-the-go

With that, I hope this list will help you find the best Portable Blu-Ray and DVD player in the market.

10. eXuby Car, Bus, Plane Portable DVD Player for Kids, Rechargeable Battery, 9-inch Swivel Screen

Do your kids spend their travel time punching each other and making all sorts of noise in the backseat of your car, relax; we have just the ideal entertainment accessory for them. The eXuby Portable DVD player is compact and lightweight and best suitable for kids to use on their lap. The LCD widescreen swivels allowing you to tilt it to your desired viewing angle.

With its portable design, place it in the free travel case and take it anywhere without worry of losing it. This DVD player carries with it a car charger; therefore it will afford you countless hours of movies, music, and photo viewing over long journeys. For those who love playing loud music, the built-in speakers will excite your ears; you also get to enjoy pumped up volume over its sleek headphones, in case you are watching in crowded places.


  • Compatible with DVD/MP3/CD/DIVX/MPEG discs
  • Features a wireless remote to enable simple operations on your DVD Player
  • It comes with a free game drive for endless gaming time
  • Comes with a 30-day warranty; it ensures you get the best quality in the market
  • It does not heat up; hence it is very durable


  • The video output is unbalanced and is not ideal for very noisy environments.


The eXuby Portable player is the perfect gift for you and your kids while traveling. With all the indispensable features to ensure a smooth ride, you will find its compact design is safe for your children to watch undisrupted movies as they will be engaged on the bright screen forgetting how long the journey is now giving you an easy time on-the-go

9. SYNAGY A29 Portable 9” DVD Player

This is a high resolution digital DVD player by one of the best technology providers, Synagy. It is here to fulfill your on-the-go entertainment needs. For you that adore a cinema like feeling, this supersized DVD player has been made for you; the screen has a full clear view to ensure your movies and music videos are as lovely as always. It also includes a high-quality built in rechargeable battery that gives you between 2.5 & 3.5 straight play time.

The DVD region is free supporting DVD/CD/CD-R/MPEG discs, VCD, CD, S-VCD, and MP3; here you will enjoy viewing all your stored photos and video in all formats. The LCD screen swivels to 180 degrees giving you the ideal comfort and style while in your car. It also comes with vehicle power adapter, AC Power adapter, stereo earphones and a functional remote control.


  • It’s a high-resolution digital DVD player
  • Features a swivel screen
  • Features a high-quality lithium rechargeable battery
  • It is lightweight thus more portable
  • It is very affordable.
  • Comes with SD card slot for playing music, videos and displaying photos


  • The battery’s play time is between 2.5-3.5hours but it comes with the necessary accessories to charge it even in your car.


This DVD Player is a high standard to meet your on-the-go needs. It is quite affordable and comes with all the necessary features that ensure a quiet time while traveling. The rechargeable battery will give you ample time to watch your favorites relaxed without interruptions. Add this DVD Player to your travel staples, and you will love it.

8. Sony BDPSX1000 Blu-Ray & DVD Player

For the best video, music or picture entertainment while on the go, get yourself the Sony BDPSX1000 Blu-Ray & DVD Player. It swivels up to 180 degrees thus enabling you to watch at the right angle for utmost comfort. It also features a widescreen that displays pictures in bright and visible colors. It makes sure that you enjoy whatever you are watching as there is no straining to get clear pictures.

With the 5 hours playtime rechargeable battery, you can be sure to enjoy your watch time or audio plays for five straight hours without a need to recharge it again. The player is lightweight for ease of portability, and it features a compact construction which makes even more ideal for use when on the go as it can withstand a significant level of abuse.


  • 180-degree swivel and a flip screen
  • Features a USB port enabling you to enjoy pictures, movies, and music on the go
  • Gives a 5 hour play time from its rechargeable battery
  • Features touch key controls for facile and convenient operation
  • Features a high-resolution and widescreen LCD
  • It is lightweight (3lbs.)
  • Its sound quality and volume through its built-in speakers is super good


  • The unit does not come with an HDMI cable despite it having an HDMI port, but this is the same with most units on the market.


This is a high-quality unit designed for use when on-the-go. It rotates up to 180 degrees to enable you to use it from whatever angle you prefer. It perfectly absorbs any shock created when you hit bumps to avoid damages, and it’s in a compact size and weight to make it more portable.

7. Impecca 13.3” DVP 1330, Swivel Screen, USB/SD Reader, Rechargeable Battery Portable DVD Player

When you are on-the-go, Impecca Portable DVD Player will give you an exceptional performance. Features a 13.3-inch screen, the super-size will provide you and your family a wide clear view. For you that love to watch in all angles, the DVD player swivels at 180 degrees, hence you can tilt it to meet your viewing desires. For the videos, you will have them the way you like, the resolution is high quality, at 1024×600 accompanied by high contrast TFT display.

This DVD Player features SD/USB card reader that allows all format of media to play therefore your favorites can play and give you the time of your life. Its rechargeable battery allows viewing for over 5 hours ensuring your travel is smooth and free of hic-ups. When you purchase this DVD player, it comes with a car, power adapter; deluxe travel bag and AC power Adapter.


  • It features multi-language menus
  • It comes with steady stereo-speakers for smooth audio
  • Features a rotating LCD widescreen
  • Comes with a functional remote control
  • Features AV ports that connect to a TV


  • It comes in only one color


The Impecca portable DVD player comes with all the necessary features for a fab entertainment time. With its affordability, the quality is the real deal meaning it is very durable. This DVD Player can fold flat, and since it comes with a deluxe travel bag, it affords you safety when carrying it around. What more could you ask of from this player? Get the Impecca Portable DVD Player

6. NAVISKAUTO Portable CD/DVD/MP3 Player, 270-Degrees Swivel, 9-Inch

NAVISKAUTO Portable CD/DVD/MP3 Player offers an outstanding performance. You will experience short to zero response time between commands ensuring that you enjoy using throughout especially for those who lack patience with slow devices. It’s a total pleasure to use. When it comes to videos, you will love watching them from this player. It is super excellent more so because it features a zoom option enabling you to watch your instructional videos with ease. On audio, you will love it as it is very clear and very balanced which makes you enjoy your favorite playlists comfortably.

It features a compact construction design making it ideal for use when traveling. This is important as every buyer wants to know whether the device will withstand the pressure from bumping while on the road. It also features very decent commands. You will love the remote control it comes with as it is robust and easy to use. The DVD player also comes with perfect headrest mount to make using your player in the car super comfortable especially when on long road trips and mostly if you have your kids with you. It comes with a regular charger and a car charger, both long enough to be used from the car back seat.


  • Features a lasting memory setup and picks up from where you left the movie or music CD.
  • It comes with a rechargeable battery lasting up to 5 hours
  • It is suitable for both adults and kids
  • Features built-in dual speakers, USB/MMC/SD card reader port
  • Features a built-in anti-shock function making it totally safe to use on-the-go


  • It does not come with a carrying bag


This is the best portable DVD player you will find on the market. It is fairly priced and performs just as described. You can use it in your car as it features a built-in anti-shock function making it totally safe to use on-the-go and is suitable for both adults and kids. Its built-in battery offers you 5hrs of none stop play keeping you entertained throughout your trip.

5. iVid Multi Region Blu-Ray DVD Playerm Free 3D PAL/NTSC 110-240 Volt

The iVid Multi Region Blu-Ray DVD Playerm Free 3D PAL/NTSC 110-240 Volt is compatible with all regions DVDs (0-8) and all zones A, B, and C Blu-Ray discs. It gives you extensive selection options for your on-the-go entertainment. The player supports both 3D and 2D Full HD with 1080p output. When it comes to network connectivity, this Blu-Ray and DVD player is the best as it features one Ethernet port which makes network connectivity possible.

From this, you can be able to download whatever features you need for the movies you will be playing. You also have a choice of other connectivity to other devices such as HDMI & AV ARC jacks. This way, you can just get what you want from your device. It also has a USB port thus enabling you to enjoy videos, photos or music stored on your USB flash drive. In short, with this Blu-Ray and DVD player, you will never lack something to entertain you whether you are at home or on the go.


  • Plays all zone (A, B, C) Blu-Ray Discs
  • Plays all region (0-8) DVDs
  • It supports full HD 1080p 3D & 2D playback through HDMI
  • Features an Ethernet Jack enabling internet connectivity
  • Has a USB port enabling you to enjoy videos, photos or music stored on your USB flash drive


  • Isolated complaints of the player not playing “Date Night” but you only need to change its region by following the necessary steps.


This is an all zone Blu-Ray and all-region DVD player. It allows network connectivity while featuring a USB port for video, photos and music play from your USB flash drive. It is the best companion for your on the go entertainment as it gives you every possible option for the best form of entertainment.

4. Azend Group Corp Maxmade Portable Blu-Ray, BDP-M1061, 10-Inch, DISC/DVD Player

If you plan to be on the go and need the company of your Blu-Ray discs or DVDs, then you will need a good DVD and Blu-Ray player. The Azend Group Corp Maxmade Portable Blu-Ray, BDP-M1061 is a great option. With it, you will play photos, audio files, and videos as it has a 3-in-1 card reader. You can just as well connect a USB drive if you need additional entertainment. Even when at home, this machine will just serve you right. It features an HDMI output which enables you to connect it to your flat screen TV. Also, with the LAN port, you will quickly connect it to the home network, and access BD live then download any additional content you may need for Blu-Ray movie you want to play.

It features a wide swivel screen with 1080P high resolution meaning that you will enjoy your videos just as you like them. When on the go, you can easily fold it flat just as you would use a tablet and it comes with a carry case for ease of carrying and safety. Its battery offers you 4.5 hours of playing time so when on the go, you are guaranteed some hours of quality entertainment. It comes with a car adapter, AC adapter, AV cable, Remote Control and a carry bag. It weighs just 1 LB which makes it more portable. You will love it!


  • Lightweight (1 LB)
  • Plays (DVDs, CDs & Blu-Ray Discs), Power BD, Dolby, AVCHD, DIVX HD, ROVI and DTS-HD
  • Comes with a car adapter, AC adapter, Remote control, AV Cable, and a Carry Bag
  • Its battery playing time is up to 4.5hrs
  • Can be connected to the home network
  • Can be connected to home TV flat screen
  • Can be folded flat just like a tablet
  • Its screen is wide and has a 1080 P High-Resolution


  • You cannot plug in two headphones but if you need to, to can just purchase a splitter and it will work just great.


This is a great DVDs, CDs & Blu-Ray Discs player. It has all the features to make you enjoy the entertainment whether at home or when on the go. It has a high resolution, 1080p and connects to your TV and home network for more downloads.

3. NAVISKAUTO HD 1080p, 10.1”Headrest, TFT LCD Screen, CD/DVD/USB (CH1003B) Portable DVD Player

When you are out to purchase the best portable DVD Player on-the-go, look no more for NAVISKAUTO HD 1080p, 10.1” Headrest, is here to fulfill all your entertainment needs be it watching movies, listening to music or flipping through your memorable photos. This DVD Player will give you company whether at home, in your car, or even camping in the mountains since it is compatible with DVD/MP4/VCD/CD-R/RMVB/CPRM/CD-RW/DIVX/SCVD giving you a wide variety of choices on how to enjoy your media.

You will love the quality of the videos as it supports 1080p HD resolution and a TFT LCD 1024×600 (Hitachi lens) screen that improves the quality of the images while giving you a clear wide view. The 10.1-inch digital screen has touch keys for easily operating the Player. It also comes with a built-in SD/MMC card slot and 2.0 USB Port. You will access your all-time best hits and movies and make your evening one to remember.


  • It is lightweight making it very portable
  • It is safe for use around children for it has rounded edges that will not hurt your kid in case your car breaks promptly.
  • It has free 32-bit built-in cellular games function for playing your game discs.
  • It is compatible with many car models; it comes with two mounting brackets
  • It supports HDMI function that enables the headrest to sync music and movies to your smartphone, computer, etc.


  • It does not fold


This is a great entertainment accessory for your on-the-go needs. It has expanded your media content choices bearing a free DVD region that widens your array of options. This DVD Player carries a compact design making it very portable, safe and very easy to operate. You will grow fond of it each day.

2. Sony Portable Blu-Ray BDPSX910 Player (Old Model)

We all need some entertainment even when on the go. If yours is in the form of a movie, music or pictures, then the Sony Portable Blu-Ray BDPSX910 Player (Old Model) is what you need. Plays both DVDs and Blue-Ray discs so if you have any of this or both, then you will be well entertained. It features a flip screen and 180-degree swivel. This ensures that you enjoy whatever you are watching just the way you want and in a more comfortable way. It features a USB port and great touch key controls that enable easy and convenient operation.

You are guaranteed up to 4.5hrs of entertainment from a fully recharged battery. You can, therefore, listen to all your favorite playlists within the 4.5 hours. It features a widescreen LCD which enables you to have a clear view of whatever you are watching without straining. It is also accompanied by a remote control which allows you to control it even when seated far from it, a car charger meaning you can quickly recharge it from your vehicle when on the go and continue enjoying your entertainment, and AC adaptor.


  • Offers a widescreen view
  • Plays Blu-Ray discs, DVDs, and audio CDs
  • Has a rechargeable battery providing 4.5 hours playtime
  • Features HDMI Output
  • Designed to give 180-degrees swivel
  • Has a resume feature


  • It does not play region two discs, but with a region-free DVD player, you can play any discs with it.


The Sony Portable Blu-Ray BDPSX910 Player (Old Model) is all you need for your on the go entertainment or even when at home. It gives a wide screen view and 180-degree swivel enabling you to enjoy your movies and pictures from different angles comfortably.

1. DBPOWER Portable DVD Player, 9.5Inch, with Rechargeable Battery, USB Port, and SD Card

If you are looking for a device that’s compatible with DVD, CD, MP3, R/RW, MWA, MPEG, AVI, XVID, and JPEG, then the DBPOWER Portable DVD Player will be your best solution. It is lightweight for easy portability and measures 9.5 inches, a perfect size for any DVD player. It has a swivel screen that rotates up to 360 degrees giving you a comfortable and excellent visibility. This DVD player is designed for use while on-the-go; it has absolute shock resistant to prevent any damages when you hit a bump accidentally.

Also, this device can withstand a considerable amount of abuse as it is built for durability with a compact construction. It has a rechargeable battery giving up to 5hrs of playtime ensuring that you enjoy your favorite songs and movies even when on the go. It also features a USB Port and SD Card reader enabling you to enjoy various digital medias. In the box, you will get your DVD player, AC & Car Adapter, AV Cable, Game Controller and a Remote control. All these ensures that you will be able to use your device immediately after receiving it without the need to order/buy anything more.


  • Comes with a rechargeable battery giving 5hrs of continuous play
  • It comes with an SD card reader and USB Port
  • Features a swivel screen rotating up to 360 degrees thus perfect visibility
  • Built for durability. Features a compact construction design with perfect shock resistant
  • Comes with all necessary accessories such as a remote control, game control and car charger


  • Isolated complaints of the volume from the built in speakers not being loud enough for people who like loud volumes but you can just use your headphones.


For your all on-the-go entertainment, invest in this portable DVD player. It is very lightweight and compact for all your travel needs. It comes with every accessory that you will need while on the go, and the price is surprisingly low.


The technology of DVDs works the same for Blu-Ray disc; it, therefore, means that acquiring a player that supports both formats has never been easier. Portable Blu-Ray and DVD players are the best options when it comes to exerting control on what you and your kids watch while on the go. They are low-priced, and most of them have Wi-Fi compatibility features to allow access of many apps. Every buyer has their priorities; it is important to know the best features and land you the best that there are of Portable Blu-Ray and DVD players.