Top 10 Best Stand Up Desks In 2016

Medical research has it that sitting for a long time repeatedly is among the top contributors to the increasing non-communicable ill-health conditions witnessed today.

For instance, diabetes is one of the commonest such complications. Others are obesity and heart disease risks, especially among office workers spending many hours in front of desks working, and even video playing junkies.

If you are counted in this statistics yet you want to stay healthy and active for longer, a standing desk is a great solution to embrace.

Standing desks help promote your physical fitness, and feature ergonomic platforms for your use while working or playing games. As such, this article brings you select top 10 best standing desks in 2016 reviews. Read on. 🙂

10. Stand Steady Latitude

With a nested 2-level design providing a sturdy and ample space for accommodating computers and other office accessories like keyboards and/or printers, the Stand Steady Latitude is a great model of standing desk which naturally orients your body for maximum productivity.

It is simple to set up. it is also easy to convert in minutes. Its extra-tall design—2-19 inch for monitor and 2.16 inches for keyboard level—makes it suitably versatile for different users.

The stand features a firm 40-pound rated build and well-finished design that is simple to clean, ideal for home or office.

9. Well Desk Standing Desk

Tired of recurrent back aches that disturb you after long hours in the office? The height adjustable Well Desk Standing Desk can be your solution.

Sturdy, it features simple-to-assemble and easy-convert design that you set up on a minute. Its USA-made design is a certified-safe, and can accommodate one computer monitor of up to 24 inches in size.

it further features a flip keyboard for both right and left-hand use for accommodating several keyboard types, while its frame is adjustable—5.3 to 6.1 inches—and accommodates up to 30 pounds.

8. Executive Stand Steady Standing Desk

Designed to support up to 2 large-sized monitors without losing shape or crumbling, the Stand Steady’s Executive edition standing desk is a sturdy, large accessory featuring an aesthetic black finish which doesn’t chip or fade even after long time use.

It has a large desktop—32 by 22 inches.

It also has a 4.5-sq.ft space below the top sufficient for storing your printer and other items. It has a stylish, ergonomic design that provides healthy working platform. It is also useful for regular video gaming.

7. Stand Steady The UpTrak Sit/Stand Desk

Also by Stand Steady, UpTrak is an all-new sit/stand model of office desk featuring an easy to adjust black-themed body which can fit on any desk type.

It is a very popular model among health-conscious office workers. It is easy to set up, durable, and its design is compact and space-economic, yet fits your PC monitors, laptops, as well as other relevant accessories like mouse and keyboard.

It is decently priced and has passed health standards, making it a great sit/stand desk for your regular use, at home or in office.

6. Stand up Desk Store 60

You now can keep obesity, diabetes, as well as other health complications away by using an original Stand up Desk Store 60 model of standing desk. 😀

It features a sturdy silver frame and long-lasting black-themed nice shelves for supporting up to 60-pound weight.

Its adjustable crank-based height system customizable to fit your convenience, while its taller height system for improved body ergonomics, enhancing productivity.

It is an affordable model that meets ANSI and BIFMA standards.

5. The Original Stand Steady

The top 10 best stand up desks in 2016 reviews list cannot be complete without the Stand Steady’s Original Stand, an award-winning, ergonomic stand up desk featuring stylish and elegant black theme that perfectly complements your office décor.

If you take too long behind a desk and are looking to reduce the resultant troubling back aches, this accessory will bail you out.

It features an adjustable height system, allowing you to customize it to your convenience. It is ergonomic, features stable rubber feet and sturdy, contemporary design frame and body for supporting up to 75 pounds.


Buy the X-ELITE PRO and get a long-lasting sit stand desk featuring convenient adjustable height design for enabling you to set it down or up within your convenience when you work or play your choice video games.

It easily sets up. Usage and conversion are also easier while its large, flat work surface is ergonomic and made to improve your productivity.

It is an affordable model that can support up to 20-pound loads comfortably.

3. VARIDESK Pro Plus 30

Ideal for use with a single monitor setup, VARIDESK Pro Plus 30 has and still continues to put smiles on millions people’s faces across the world for solid reasons.

For example, its height adjustable system is versatile, designed for use by persons of different statures, and features a sturdy 2-tier design that is beneficial to individuals with small-space rooms.

Moreover, its upper deck is durable and superbly finished while the lower tier is firm, offering great space for accommodating keyboards and mice. 😉

It is an affordable product with a patented spring-loaded lifting system for supporting up to 35 pounds and never losing shape.

2. Executive Office Solutions Stand

Made of high-density premium aluminum, this is not only a durable stand but also a lightweight, portable design model you can bring along while traveling to attend seminars, also ideal for home or office use.

Although affordable, it has a durable and compact, feature-rich design which significantly improves your working or entertainment level. It has an adjustable frame that is ideal for persons of all statures.

Its top is durable and integrates a well vented design for not only supporting different laptop types but also other accessories like mouse pads and CPU fans.

It provides adjustable convenient work angles, a premium-grade finishing, and comes backed with a 100 percent money-back assurance.

1. VARIDESK Pro Plus 36

A bestseller on the Amazon, this is a durable, elegantly black-themed stand up desk model that features an adjustable height system ideal for any types of tables.

It is a very versatile and highly recommended for work as well as entertainment. It has a large and sturdy tabletop that is designed to support dual-monitor set-up.

Its mouse and keyboard platform is sufficient while the executive frame is reliably stable and can adjust up to 11 various positions which offer individual convenience for improved performance.

It is simple setting up. Its spring-loaded lifting system can support up to 35 pounds.

It offers you convenience of either working sated or standing.

It is good to acknowledge that more models of stand up desks exist on the market for sale. However, for the serious person looking forward to acquire a good performance and elegant, durable design model of these healthy working platforms, the above highlighted top 10 best stand up desks in 2016 reviews are the right options to consider. 🙂