Top 10 Best USB Car Chargers In 2016

If you frequently traveling your own car, having a good quality USB car charger is vital to help you charge your smart devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, camera, and others while on the go.

There are so many models of USB car chargers on the market today.

For safety of your gadgets and great service for a long time, you should find the best quality car charger model.

This article takes the challenge of telling the best ones apart by highlighting for you the top 10 best USB car chargers in 2016 reviews. Read on to discover these accessories. 😀

10. BoxWave Dual Micro Car Charger

This is a high quality USB car charger to use while on the go.

It has two universal USB ports which person can use to charge their gadgets. It features full 2.1 amp output divided into 2 charging ports.

To avoid overcharging, it integrates a responsive intelligent chip. It comes in two main colors—black and white—for you to choose your favorite.

9. KWE Titanium Car Charger

It is another great and popular USB car charger you can trust. It is quite convenient and easy to use this charger on regular basis.

It is powerful, able to ensure quick, efficient charging for anyone. It has 2 main ports, allowing you to charge 2 devices at a go. it integrates intelligent circuit design that protects devices against the danger of overcharging, short circuiting, overheating, as well as over current.

It is widely used and also sought after.

8. MediaBridge Dual USB Car Charger

If you are looking for a great USB car charger, try this one. It is a powerful and effective USB car charger that provides lots of benefits to its users.

You can charge any mobile device inside your car using this charger. It has 2.4A and 1A ports, useful for charging any of your smart devices.

It incorporates overcharge protection feature and it is quite durable for long time use.

7. BIRUGEAR Metalic USB Car Charger

BIRUGEAR is another high performance USB car charger available on the market today. It provides easy charging for your smart mobile device while you are on the road.

It is popular for its quick yet safe charging technology. It charges devices in about 2 to 3 hours. Your Smartphones, iPhone, iPad, P3 players, laptop, and other portable smart devices will never run out of charge when you use this USB car charger. 😀

It integrates smart chip for short circuit protection, avoiding overheating the batteries. It is convenient and easy to use during your day to day commutes.

6. TopG Smart Mini Dual USB Car Charger

You are shopping for a new good USB charger to use in your car? The TopG Smart mini dual is an excellent choice.

It features universal ports in order to allow you charge virtually any mobile device. it is supported by the latest 3.1A dual USB port.

This quick charging feature allows you to charge your phone or tablet in a very short time.

It integrates safety features to avoid any dangers of overcharging or overheating your device, and prevent the possibility of injuries.

5. SCOSCHE USBC242M USB Car Charger

It is a very popular USB car charger providing a lot of benefits. You can bring it inside your car anywhere you need it thanks to its lightweight design.

It is very portable and easily fits in your pocket or inside bag.

It is so appreciated for its quick-charging capacity. It charges any of your mobile devices, like MP3 players, laptop, smartphones, etc. it is a convenient to use model featuring two 12-Watt effective USB ports, allowing you to charge up to two devices at as go.

Its low profile design allows for easy storage. 😉

4. PowerGen Car Charger

Yo enjoy a lot of benefits when you choose to use this USB car charger. It is a powerful accessory that helps you effectively charge your favorite mobile devices in the car fast.

It features universal ports which are quite compatible with any device of the moment. It has a very uniquely attractive design that you will love.

It integrates a reliable circuit breaker created specially to ensure over-charging, overheating, as well as over current protection. The charging stops immediately when the batters gets full charged.

It has smart detection feature for improving overall safety for you, your devices, and the car. 😀

3. New Trent Arcadia Car Charger

If you are looking for the right accessory to use when charging your mobile devices in your car, the New Trent Arcadia is a great USB car charger to consider.

It features dual USB ports, allowing you to charge any of your devices, like smartphones or tablets, easily. It is compatible with a lot of the popular gadgets available today.

It features a very compact design that makes it quite simple to handle and use, and carry around. It has an overcharge and also over-circuit protection feature, ensuring a very safe performance while charging. It has a micro USB cable for supporting more of your needs.

2. Anker PowerDrive 2 USB Car Charger

This is a USB car charger that enjoys a lot of support by the many high rated reviews it has received from its users. It is a convenient to use model especially if you need to get two devices recharged at a go. It incorporates great performance quick-charging technology.

It provides two main features—PowerIQ as well as VoltageBoost performance, features that greatly help you the charger anytime conveniently and easily.

Its powerful safety system ensures absolute protection for your devices; while its compact design helps you conveniently use it without any strain.

1. AmazonBasics 4.0 Amp Dual USB Car Charger

A bestselling product in this niche, the AmazonBasics 4.0 Amp Dual USB Car Charger delivers lots of benefits. It allows you to effectively charge two devices at a go.

It has two 2.0 amp ports, ensuring you enjoy fast charging technology to recharge your devices in short time.

It is rated 20 watt power; therefore it is able to charge any of your devices like tablets, laptops, or phones. It features a LED indicator light to notify you when your devices are completely charged.

It comes backed with a 1-year limited warranty.

It is not that the above top 10 best USB car chargers in 2016 reviews are the only models in this niche that are available on the marketplace, it is that they are the best quality, most high performance, safe and easy to use, best designed, and durable models that you can buy on the market today and enjoy their great performance and benefits for a long time. 🙂